Experiment one

Yuri Endo 2012

I experimented with 3 different materials to make a test clutch;
- Clear PVC sheet with magnifying effect,
- Back PVC sheet
- Metal studs




*Richard Serra + Lollipops = Transparent accordion
Combining the inspirations from metal sheet sculptures by Richard Serra and colorful transparent texture of lollipops, the accordion formation came accross as a main structure of the clutch bag.


Effect 002: 2D into 3D

2D into 3D effect

*Inspired by layered glass artworks
This technique transforms flat artwork into 3D sculptures by utilizing multiple layers of clear glass, in other words, combining each piece creates the hologram like effect. Viewers are treated to different shifting perspectives of the works depending on where they stand.


Effect 001: Beclouding

Beclouding effect

*Inspired by optical distortion in glass products
Depending on type of glasses (lenses), image magnification increases or decreases with distance from the optical axis, which creates intriguing distortion of their background.