Photography by Yuri Endo 

- PVC sheets with magnifying effect
- Colored PVC sheets 
- Prismatic Optical films
- Fresnel lenses
- Metal studs 



Accordion clutch bag:

1. Two-way functions as wearable objects;
- Function one: a fashion accessory
- Function two: an object that can enhance a room décor

2. Design inspirations from;
- Optical distortion in glass products
- Layered glass artworks
- Architectural sculptures
- Lollipop candies
- Accordions (musical instrument)

3. Beclouding
Makes inside contents look distorted or less visible
4. 2D into 3D
Gives flat images a three-dimensional twist

5. Translucent
Captures and reflects the light

6. Targeted for;
Art-conscious individuals in their twenties onward


Project overview

Below is my project overview for the semester;

1. Research and development:
Exploration of the possibilities of technologies and materials.

2. Prototyping and evaluation:
Development of a conceptual model to construct prototypes to achieve evaluation.

3. Exhibition and installation:
Demonstration and installation in a public space.

4. Documentation:
Documentation of the project contains philosophy, research, photography, video, and possible future development of said product and process.


Wearable Object

Yuri Endo 2012
*Created from an image of a mural, taken during La Semana Grande de Bilbao (Bilboko Aste Nagusia) 2011

Thank you for visiting C:notes. The prime purpose of this blog is to document developments and process of an academic course, Product Design Studio II, conducted by Professor/Designer Andrea Dichiara at IDAS (Hongik University), which aims to explore functionalities, technologies and materials to develop a "wearable object." In connection with my thesis project, which focuses on the properties of light and perceptions of space for the purpose of visual art and new media, under the supervision of Professor David Hall at IDAS (Hongik University), during the course of the semester, I plan to develop a set of translucent clutch bags. Please sit back and enjoy my compelling journey.